George slick
on 08/12/2017 at 05:40 pm
Well thats something else in kiteboarding ..fully info, fanctionable site and app that gives huge info for people places and takes half an hour to discover whats inside! I absolutely like it .. this site reflects the sparkle of the makers .I wanna see it growing and becomes a place for all of us who involved the kite industry. Happyyy :)
Stefano Cavallucci
on 07/26/2017 at 12:13 am
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Above: Kite OnAir Promoting Sri Lankan Tourism
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Kite OnAir is a network dedicated exclusively to the kite world in all its variations and nuances.
It is an international network, built from Kiters to Kiters and their Followers.

This is a network created to satisfy any of your kite needs, from the bottom up to the most advanced experiences.
We hope you can find what you are looking for and we wish you an amazing Kite experience.



Are a Newcomer and don't know much about kiting? Read a short tutorial here before starting your new kite experience.
Find a list of dozens of Certified Freelancers and hundreds of Kite Schools.
Your kite level isn't so good yet? Do you need some more lessons or a nice spot suitable to your personality and experience?
Choose among dozens of certified Freelance instructors or kite schools around the world and improve your kite level.

Are you an experienced Kiter?
Seeking for a special know-how on wonderful and unique locations? Check the Expeditions section we have built for you.
And get your best action ever!



Have you been kiting on one of the hundreds locations listed on Kite OnAir Network? Please leave your comment about the spot and contribute to grow the kite community.
Let us know about your experience, add your comments and suggestions to improve the quality of the kite spots and experience!


The users’ list comes with the chat and is dived in groups of skills such as Riders, Instructors, schools, brands or followers.. and more!


A newly built section dedicated to the media in all its components, from blogs, to books, apps, radio stations, televisions and more..


One of the most complete and updated list of upcoming kite events on the web, free or for a fee, pick your event among hundreds of exciting options such as festivals, contests, exhibitions, competitions,  tours, downwind camps, expeditions, experiences and more..


The Accommodation section is built on the concept of proximity to the spot. We, kiters, know very well the need to have an accommodation option close to the beach featuring specific services such as rinse equipment, safe and big storage, etc.
Certainly, it is not always possible to have all these features, and sometimes the available accommodation options are distant from the spot and feature few services only.
Here we try to list the most kite-friendly ones.


The "Schools" section is divided in two parts, one is dedicated to freelance instructors and the second one to kite centres/clubs. Both have the right to teach according to local legislation.
If you are looking for beach services, maybe the Kite Centres section is for you. However, if you are fine with some instructions only, check the Freelance section, it may be the right one for your needs.


Discover the section dedicated to the market, divided in 2 parts: Stores, Brands,
Discover the Brand you like more or the shop near by you  


The Athlete section is subdivided by disciplines, and is constantly evolving, with men and women engaged in an harmonious wind-driven competition.
We promote a real and healthy competition and we are against any physical and psychological speculation by and against athletes, as we believe it should be free from all preconceptions.


The Services section is unique in its kind and not rated by other networks; the people involved in this dedicated part are essential and not at all secondary to the kite world.
This is why we decided to give an important space to these people, who work for the proper development of this fantastic sport!


Are you looking for a new job?  Find your next work experience on the wider supply list available on the network.
Would you like to be a professional instructor?
Pick a kite course, get PRO with IKO or VDWS the two biggest and most internationally renown organisations or other trusted federations available on Kite OnAir Network


Let us know about your Kite qualification, experience, video, spot, or just stay in touch with the kite community..
Add any content you would like to let us know about.. use our tool to send us your content and we will publish it!


With daily updates and a SSL certificate, Kite OnAir Network is your perfect Kite holiday and Kite business tool.




Kitewater, kitesnow and kiteland are the most popular disciplines around the world.. 

The passion for this sport is the character we have in common

And here all what you need...  Friends, Sun and Wind.

Every year more and more women approach at this sport.. modern poetry.


Kitesnowing it's the most popular kite discipline after kiteboarding... 
 Above, a picture of "Ragnarok kite fest" the biggest kite competition world wide


An amazing picture of Mt Etna the European's tallest Vulcano with a Kitesnowboarder ascending the slope

Another discipline powered by kites is Kitelandboarding and Buggying it can be practiced in many surfaces, as sand, grass, land...



Kitesurfing it's probably the most fascinating and on the same time the most complicated kite discipline in terms of tecnique. Surfing it's well know as a hard discipline which require lots of balance and combined with the power of the kites makes this sport unique.              



I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. Jimmy Dean