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Kiteboard Hero


Mind Pump Games Ltd Sports


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Shred hard, boost big and go kiteloop crazy with this first ever ‘real-feel’ kitesurfing game. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro waiting for the wind or someone who’s curious about the sport, Kiteboard Hero has something for everyone: 

- “Training Camp” guides you through the game controls and the fundamentals of kiteboarding in a series of progressions that kiteboarders will be very familiar with. 

- “Freeride” is a no pressure open-world game-mode where you can cruise around and practice your moves, go for records and unlock achievements.

- “Challenge Mode” is a series of increasingly difficult, kiteboarding challenges from the ‘Simon Says’ On Demand to the fast and furious Downwind Blitz.

No matter what game-mode you play, there’s plenty of rewards to be earned, improving your rider’s ability to jump higher, hang for longer and pull-off all types of moves. Now it’s just a question of whether you’ve got the skills to be a Kiteboard Hero!

- Realistic physics and great 3D graphics
- 3 game modes; Training Camp, Freeride and Challenge Mode
- Huge expanse of Le Morne, Mauritius to kite and explore 
- Variable weather, wind directions and wind speeds 
- Select from a variety of different kites and boards
- Over 50 challenges and achievements 
- True kiteboarding experience
- No ads







Philep Kalopetris

controls are good. graphics are better than i expected. gameplay is good. i would like more achievements and challenges, and like other said, new tricks! its time to unhook! there is no hooked raley! ;) after 4h of game, i completed almost everything, 75xp remaining.

rowan james

Absolutely love it! It just needs more challenges and and maybe even some unhooked trick options??!

ahmet erdem

Depower bar needed..

Matt Stevens

Pretty bloody good. Controls take a while to wrap your head around but once you do its very satisfying and quite fluid. Well done. Need to add points for looping, get rid of time trials and add more challenges as I've maxed out the points.



Thank you all for playing and for all your feedback.

In this update:

- New control options for both kite (device and control bar) and board (buttons, slider and device).

- New look Trick Selector.

- Enhanced control customisations. Put any control anywhere you want!

- Real-time jump height & hang-time display.

- Added the new CORE XR5 and Fusion3.

- Numerous bug-fixes.

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