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Anton Ushakov

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Anton ...Engaged a variety of sports from childhood: gymnastics, martial arts, skating, biking, snowboarding, motosport.
For the first time took up kiting in 2008. In 2010 he suffered a serious knee injury during volleyball training. After surgery and a long recovery period (had to learn how to walk again) back in kiteboarding.
This person may learn new trick in a week, while other kiters may spend months, even years. Accumulated knowledge and skills from other sports are very helpful in self-kiting and teaching.
Anton would not miss a single detail during teaching process and will help to make first tacks as soon as possible. Student safety is a top priority for Anton. He stays calm in any situation - he knows WHAT to do and HOW.
Anton has extensive knowledge about the equipment accumulated during repair of kites, bars, lines. He can tell all - starting from materials, methods of manufacture and repairs to the differences and features of kites models and bars and their functioning principles.
Certified instructor IKO, motobike instructor in the past.
Fast and qualitative progress with this coach is inevitable!


Anton  teaching kiteboarding in Egypt and Greece at the following locations:


(see the spot)


HERE NOW ➤ Rhodes

(see the spot)


Languages spoken:

🇷🇺   🇬🇧


​Other sports practiced:

➥Snowboard ➥Skateboard ➥Motorsport ➥Martial arts


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Anton has IKO Kitesurf instructor certification.

Below: Anton's contact details: