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Stefano Cavallucci

Lessons From €10-hr/👤

Stefano, Is born in Italy, near Bologna  from Italian Father and Czech Mother. He spent most of his life in Italy, some years in Prague, one year in New Zealand, six years in Indonesia and one year in Sri Lanka.
 The  beautiful Prague, inspired him the passion for the sports, watching the ice hokey on young age.
During  the college time he won the first medal in Relay speciality  then he start practicing Skiing, bungee jumping, swim, down hill, surfing, kayaking, then 6 years of SuP and in the last 14 years became specialized kitesurfer with 8 years of teaching experience.
Outdoor activities are his life  and especially kitesurfing which he consider the best sport ever invented by the human be, 
a sport that gives to you a complete balance for an healthy and fun life.


"Sport is a truly benefit for the body and mind and  teaching it on the right way is my passion..."

Stefano teaching kiteboarding in Italy at the following  locations


(see the spot)


Stefano gives kite lessons for groups or for individuals. 

  €20/h per person for groups (max 2 pax)

  €40/h individual lesson



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if you pay by  Cryptocurrencies

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Prices are considered hourly and per person and is included all the equipment necessary for the lesson

( shoes, harnesses, helmets, kites)

at the end of the course Stefano will release a IKO certification card

Languages spoken:

🇮🇹  🇨🇿  🇬🇧  🇲🇾  🇮🇩



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 Stefano's IKO certification.


Above: a video from Stefano showing the kite boarding tecnique from a different point of  view.

Below Stefan's contact details