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UAE - Abu Dhabi Open Kitesurfing 2018

Abu Dhabi Al Marina Abu Dhabi

From Friday, February 16 2018 until Saturday, February 17 2018

Abu Dhabi Open Kitesurfing 2018


Notice of Competition Abu Dhabi Open Kitesurfing 2018

1. EVENT Abu Dhabi Open Kitesurfing 2018 is an open kitesurfing event that will be held on 16-17 February 2018 in Abu Dhabi Sailing & Yacht Club, Theatre Road, Abu Dhabi.

2. ORGANIZATION Abu Dhabi Open Kitesurfing 2018 is organized by Abu Dhabi Sailing & Yacht Club in cooperation with the Emirates Kiteboarding Association.

3. CLASSES a. The event will be open to the following classes; 
i. Hydrofoil Boards Open Class Race 
ii. Twin Tip Board Open Class Race 

a. The event is open to entries from all Kite surfers in good standing with the International Kiteboarding Association and the Emirates Kiteboarding Assotiation.
b. Participants may only enter in 1 Race Class.
c. Kite Surfers under the age of 18 must have the parental disclaimer signed by a parent or legal guardian on the entry form.

a. There is a maximum of 60 entries. Entries shall be accepted in the order they are received.
b. There is an entry fee for the event: AED 100.00
c. Kite surfers may enter the event by submitting the registration form via email to: or by submitting the registration form at the registration desk on Feb 16th.
d. All entry fees shall be paid in cash at registration on Feb 16th
e. All entry fees must be paid in full to complete entry.

a. Provisional Schedule
Friday February 16th
08:00 – 09:00 Registration for all competitors
09:00 – 09:30 Competitors meeting
10:00 – 12:00 Racing
12:00 – 13:00 Break Ashore
13:00 – 18:00 Racing
Saturday February 17th
08:00 – 09:00 Competitors meeting
09:00 – 16:00 Racing
16:30 Prize Giving ceremony

b. The above schedule is provisional; the Organizers may choose to alter the provisional schedule if circumstances so dictate.
c. Races shall be scheduled back to back. A detailed schedule of racing will be published in the racing instructions.

7. FORMAT a. Kite Race Open Format i. Race courses and timings shall be as described in the Competitors Meeting, which shall be held on February 16th.
ii. The starting signals shall be: 
3min to start Sound signal 
2min to start - Sound signal Red Flag displayed 
1min to start - Sound signal Yellow Flag displayed
Start - Sound signal Green Flag displayed

b. Scoring 
i. A low point scoring system will apply; the total score of a competitor will be the total of the points he/she has scored in each race of the series. 
ii. If 4 or more races have been completed, a competitor’s worst score will be discarded. 
iii. Points will be awarded as follow for each race: Finishing Position Points 1 st 1 2 nd 2 3 rd 3 4 th,5th, 6th, … etc 4,5, 6, …etc 
iv. All competitors will be scored in the Overall Fleet. There shall be sub-fleets for women and under 16’s (if 5 or more competitors are eligible for these sub-fleets).

i. Trophies shall be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd in all Classes. 
ii. For the Hydrofoil Boards Open Class, there will total prize money of 100,000 Dhs; 
Hydrofoil Boards Open Class Prize:
1st AED 16000, 2nd AED 14000, 3rd AED 12000, 4th AED 10000, 5th AED 9000, 6th AED 8000, 7th AED 7000 8th AED 6000, 9th AED 5000, 10th AED 3000, 11th AED 2000, 12th AED 2000, 13th AED 2000, 14th AED 2000, 15th AED 2000 
iii. Additional prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the Organizer. 
iv. Prize money will be transferred by bank transfer to the account mentioned on this entry form. Failure to complete registration by submitting the entry form, including bank account details, may result in non-payment of prize money.

a. It is the sole responsibility of each competitor to decide whether or not to start or to continue the race and to preserve his/her safety. 
b. The safety of the kiteboarding equipment shall be the sole responsibility of the competitor, who must ensure that the equipment is adequate to endure any conditions that may arise in the course of the contest. 
c. The organizing entities will not be held responsible for any losses, damages, or deaths or personal injuries occurring as a result of the competitors’ participation in the contest. 
d. If the judges, race director or any of the crew members offer assistance to a competitor, he/she shall accept this assistance offered and shall follow the directions and instructions given by the above. 
e. During the contest and training sessions, all competitors are recommended to use helmets and impact vests. 
f. All competitors shall wear official vests during any water activity such as practice sessions and competing. 
g. Safety and fair play are the most important aspects of the competition. Common sense is to be followed on the water. Priority rules will be posted on the ONB before start of the event. 
h. Competitors that are not sportsmanlike and don’t show courtesy to other competitors may be disqualified. 

a. The Official Notice Board (ONB) will be located near the Race Office. Any changes in the contest instructions will be posted on ONB. 
b. All Competitors have the responsibility of checking the ONB periodically for any changes. 
c. The scheduled discipline will be notified on the ONB at least 30 minutes before the start of the first race. Each competitor is responsible for checking time, failure to do so will not be grounds for redress. 

a. The Competition Director has the authority to make any necessary changes in the kiteboarding instructions due to time or weather constraints. 
b. Any changes will be posted on the Official Notice Board at least 30 minutes before the starting time of the race concerned. 

a. Competitors are requested to keep and launch their kites only from the launching area located on the beach during the competitions. Keep this area clear of any object other than kiteboard equipment. Completely clear the shore of this area from any equipment (approximately 5 meters from the sea) that will be considered as a safety area. 

a. Only competitors competing during his/her heat are requested to kite on the competitions area. Competitors that are not racing, shall keep clear of the completion area at all time. 

a. The contest will be governed by 
i. The Rules and Regulations of the UAE Kiteboarding Asotiation
ii. This Notice of Competition and Kiteboarding Instructions. 
iii. Oral and Written Instructions given by the Head Judge.

a. Competitors may be disqualified from a particular race or the event series if: 
i. They do not stack safely his/her equipment on the launching area to prevent it from flying away. 
ii. Attitude or action of the competitors during the contest is considered against the promotion of the sport. 
iii. Failing to observe the safety rules (§8) or failure to act and race in a safe or responsible manner 
iv. They fail to obey to verbal or written instructions by the Organizers, an appointed Race Official or Judge. 
b. The following penalties may be awarded: 
i. DSQ Disqualification for 1 race in the series (The score for this race will be the last position +1 penalty point. This penalty may be discarded as a worst score under §3,b,ii) 
ii. DNE Disqualification for 1 race in the series (The score for this race will be the last position +1 penalty point. This penalty may NOT be discarded as a worst score under §3,b,ii) 
iii. DFS Disqualification from the event series (the competitor shall no longer compete and will be removed from the results) 
c. Competitors that are issued a penalty shall be informed at the soonest possible occasion and penalties will be posted on the ONB. 
d. All penalties shall be awarded at the sole discretion of the Organizers, an appointed Race Official or Judge. 
e. There shall be no hearings or appeals for any penalties issued by the Organizer. All decisions approved by the Emirates Kiteboarding Association shall be final.


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