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Kite OnAir

 Kite Onair Network
 an exclusive and unique network of its kind,
A network dedicated to what we love more, the world of kites and Wind

Why kite OnAir?
Kite OnAir was born from an idea of creating a network of people dedicated to this Sport/Industry,
We all know the importance of the social media but we also know how dispersive they are and how hard is sometimes to find the right person at the right place. 

Every day more and more People landing on Kite OnAir Network, attracted by timely and clear informations for their needs,
People, Events, Places , Markets and lots more are here well described and updated.
Doing publicity on social networks is the key to making grow your Kite business and we believe there is a need for a dedicated network as Kite OnAir is

We use the best technology, and we are present on all platforms available today as iOS Android Html5 and the newly built
 Web Radio to better reach the potential users around the world. 

We manage to cover 90% of the operating systems world wide

With just few simple clicks your person/business will be



with Accurate Service,

 Clean and on a Simple Graphic


What people says about Kite OnAir 

George slick on 08/12/2017 at 05:40 pm Well thats something else in kiteboarding ..fully info, fanctionable site and app that gives huge info for people places and takes half an hour to discover whats inside! I absolutely like it .. this site reflects the sparkle of the makers .I wanna see it growing and becomes a place for all of us who involved the kite industry. Happyyy :)

Tarek Khalaf. Soo great app and helpful for all the kite level around the world. I like that app

Варвара Казбанова. Super nice app for kite lovers all over the world. Easy to discover new locations, accommodation, kite events and local instructors!

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 from € 15.00  for one year subscription





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