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Kite n' Sail


Caribbean Kite Cruise




The Ultimate Kitesurf Adventure

From the comfort of a modern catamaran get away from the crowds and join us for the experience of a lifetime. Our trips follow the wind and take you on an unforgettable journey through the best kite spots in the Caribbean. Explore the islands, experience vibrant local cultures and simply enjoy being pampered by our professional crew.

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We are the official "North Kiteboarding Catamaran" so you don't have to worry about who you're dealing with. Expect the same quality from our cruises as you would from the worlds leading kite brand. A wide selection of the latest test boards and kites are available on board for guests to try out.

Kite Cruise Films

Every year Caribbean Kite Cruise hosts the North Pro team video shoot. Check out our video page to see a selection of films produced on our kite cruises. Don't worry, you don't have to ride like a pro to sign up for a trip ;-).



Departures ... Antigua (ANU) / Guadeloupe (PTP)
Language ..... English
Currency ...... E.C. Dollar/USD
Kite size .......9-14 (for rider 80kg /175 lbs) 
Kitespots ..... Green Island, North Sound, Barbuda, Spanish Point, Palmetto
conditions .... Lagoons, ultra flat offshore.

Antigua is one of the most charming islands in the caribbean and offers some great sightseeing opportunities as well as some top kite spots. Admiral Nelsons dockyard in the south stands as it did many years ago and the neighbouring English harbour offers stunning scenery. 
Barbuda is about a 4 hour sail and is a deserted paradise. This flat island has only one small town and miles of empty beaches lined with palm trees.

Trip Antigua and Barbuda

Board the catamaran in the North of Antigua near the airport and set sail for the kite spots in the sheltered windward lagoon. Conditions are flat, especially by Green island and the colors are spectacular. This lagoon is so big that there's plenty of opportunity for downwinders. In the evenings we either stay in the lagoon of sail off to another part of the island for some entertainment. 

After a few days in Antigua we make the 4 hour sail over to Barbuda for a change of rhythm. The kitespots in Barbuda are out of this world. Long white sand beaches linned with palms are set against a turquoise mirror flat sea. Security is assured in this offshore spot by our auxiliary tender. Barbuda has one interesting village worth visiting but we are often too tired to make the walk after spending the day kiting and snorkelling on the coral reef


From here the trip consists of hopping from island to island and discovering the multitude of kite spots on offer. Each place has its own charm and everyone finds their favorite 'grenadine'. Some islands have small villages with rustic bars, markets and restaurants whilst other islands are uninhabited and classed as national parks.

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