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Radio Stations

Listen the World trough the wind 

Stay tuned at
Radio Kite OnAir Network

People, Events, Music, News, interviews and a lots really a lots of wind... 

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Would you listen a particular song? 
Thanks to our Jukebox you will be able to choose and listen the song you love more
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Are you a  Deejay or a Speaker?

would you be part  of Radio Kite OnAir Network?


Radio Kite OnAir Network
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High Quality Sound

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Do You have a Kite Business and would you extend your network? 

Web Radios are the best way to reach potential clients world wide with no limits..

More and more peole are listening Web Radios, every year!! we have a really good one for your needs !!

Discover our business plans and be sounded by Radio Kite OnAir Network


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