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GayaTree is rocking since 2001. It’s started from his first vinyl parties in UK with a group of friends.
By now he has played hundreds of mixes, passed the evolution of CD and digital formats and acquired fans in more than 50 countries worldwide.
Tre spectrum of his music styles runs from house and trance to psy chill and downtempo but his performance is far out of the genre limits.

The feature of his music is it’s healing and informative influence.
His name is quite common for the biggest open air festivals like Burning Man or Boom and for the very top night clubs of the world’s capitals.
But Osman’s main specialty are his legendary private party sessions that are giving him the closest connection with the public.

GayaTree participates in Sitaram Vision Tribe and Galactic Confederation, GoodFellas and Double G project, and cooperates with Blue Hour Sound (Italy) и Aclahayr Record Label (Japan). He is permanently travelling the world from North America till the islands of Indonesia and marks it with hundreds of altered lifes through the hypnotic sounds of his transcendent music.

Psychedelics did open my mind.
I want to show how beautiful we all are through the magical music and mystical vibes of psychedelic trance and ambient sound.
Light and love is what we are.

Spread the message.
Be aware of each moment and enjoy it.
Thanx to Blue Hour Sounds records for support and great music ! Always love u,guys !


Every Wednesday  from  7:00 pm UTC+1 

Dj Osman-Gayatree
Radio Kite OnAir Network


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