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Marcos Silva Arruda

Written on 10/03/2017
Stefano Cavallucci


Hello, I'm Marcos Silva, a simple but sophisticated person, I adapt very well to the different variations of life, I like to think big, I have a lot of love for myself and for people, I have a passion for contributing to the growth of those around me. Indirectly, I like to do different things always seeking originality, I am organized and dedicated to my purposes in the quest to always offer the best that I can be!My first contact with Kitesurf was in 2010, however it was very basic experience, because I had other goals, despite having stayed with the desire to practice the sport, I was living inSão Paulo where it was not possible to practice and because of the work I did consulting, the same year I made the decision to return to my native land that is Ceará. Being in my city, I tried to do the same consulting job, however I did not identify with the work anymore, and it was when in 2011 I decided to go back to sports, which has always been my passion since I was a kid, I remember that I counted the Days in my schedule for school games.

By order of fate I had the opportunity to learn from the Antonio Quirino known as Merinho local of Jericoacoara / Ce, who was married to a cousin of mine! Antonio Quirino or Merinho as he is known in Jeri, was a great athlete of windsurfing, getting to conquer important titles, nevertheless his love with the Kite as soon as it had the opportunity to learn, founded its school in 2003 and until today it continues offering its classes with Excellence to all who seek it! After my initial learning period, I began to assist the students of his school, after that I began to start the students to the kites foils and to pass the first instructions of learning, with the passage of time I was identifying myself in teaching and mainly to have Pleasure to teach, I have fascination to see evolution.

I identify with Merinho very much because it was not for the need to earn money teaching, but for the pleasure we provided people, and for that we were paid.In spite of the not very small school in comparison to the others that exist in Jericoacoara our clients were faithful.I spent my time teaching and training Kitesurfing, I started as everyone starts, but I had more luck because Jericoacoara has extreme conditions with July to January winds ranging from 30 to 40 kms and offshore winds where it becomes more complex to teach and To learn, although we always have difficulties in having equipment for both classes and training, thanks there is a superior force has always been given us the opportunity to be in the water doing what we love.After two years living in Jeri, I decided to open new avenues and have my own school, when a German team called Wavebandits, gave me the opportunity to acquire a mini-school, but complete for me to start my goal.


After graduating several students in Jericoacoara, I returned to Fortaleza in 2013 to begin this project to build my school.My contact with the beach and the ocean comes from small, I started surfing with my eleven years old, always had the pleasure of being in the water, I love doing it.After training in the extreme conditions of Jeri, where I learned a little freestyle bi-directional boards and big jumps that we call big air and where I also saw the need to learn English, to communicate and expand my horizons, which I learned by myself translating texts. In the face of what many could see as adversity and even with great difficulties I knew how to seize opportunities and grow.

Although not where I really want as an athlete and a man, I am very proud to be who I am!The transition from wanting to be a freestyle athlete to a kitewave was easy because I already had the mastery of surfing, I already had the complete mastery of Kite due to having trained several students. So it was just uniting the two things and improving the techniques and training.Although I did not have a history of competitions due to being dedicated in training sailors, in 2015 I got support from some students to go to compete the world-wide one in Morocco in the city of Dakhla, it was my first competition event, although I went on my own And without being sponsored by any brand, I'm sure I could win, and many locals and other athletes who were already part of the tour praised me, they said Nice session!It was exciting to be with the best and know that I could raise my level more and more, to improve the techniques and to sail in conditions that would give me evolution! In that year of 2015 only one stage of the World Tour was held, since 2016 we have an organization that is the GKA Global Kitesports Association that has been developing the Waves Tour to efficiently develop the category!

Morocco is the stage that I have the greatest identity, because it is the type of wave that I most train here I am very focused on this goal because this year the tour must have 5 to 6 stages.Speaking a little more about my personality, I like objectivity, I always try to make my partners and businesses with clarity and transparency, I do not try to get along anyway, I like to create my opportunities, I'm honest, I learn easily, and I have Creative tendencies, love to think outside the box and believe that I have total conditions to be better every day.In business, I have the goal of creating my Kiteboarding school and making it the best Kite school in Brazil. I am a "local organizer" of the last leg of the world tour of strapless now in 2017 that will take place in November, a 75% chance of achieving this stage of the tour! We are in search ofClose the sponsors.

I have the mission to include Kitesurf as a sport to children and adolescents through social action, so that they can experience a reality never experienced that probably only through sport and inclusion will be possible! I am the founder of the first online magazine of Kitesurf in social media called @Kitesurfbr, also with the aim of showing the world the talents we have here in Ceará and other states! I always seek to build solid and lasting relationships, I always have in mind that helping and contributing to others will be more valuable to my experience and growth with being human, and the most important thing is to see that I am able to transform people and that these people become References to help transform more people.What moves me is the love of the sport and ocean, I believe that even after my career as a wave sailor, which I intend to be for at least another six years, I intend to go to the regatta categories and I intend to be a part too Of sailing regattas. I am grateful to have the opportunity to make new connections, expand and share my knowledge and experiences, and thus achieve my goals and objectives and contribute to friends, partners and sponsors also achieve their goals!